No gym right now? No Problem! Get Fit@Home, our Bodyweight and Bands Beginner Program.

Get leaner. Have more energy. Feel years younger. Transform your body and mind in 90 days.



Do you face any of the following right now?

  1. A living situation that won't allow you to get to the gym: You know you need to workout, but you don't have a home gym and getting to a big gym is out of the question.

  2. You're intimidated by the thought of working out at a gym, and want to start getting fit from home instead.

  3. You've been dragging your feet about getting started with something: And you know that once you start, and start seeing results, you won't want to stop.

  4. Your stress levels are through the roof: And it only adds to the stress when you admit that you need to start taking better care of yourself. But when?

  5. You're getting aches and pains: Everything seems stiff.

  6. You don't have time to take care of yourself: With life as busy as it is right now, getting to the gym is simply out of the question.

  7. You're SO tired: And you know that the more inactive you are the more fatigued you feel.


If this sounds like you, you're not alone.

And, you've found the solution that solves each of those issues, once and for all.

Vigor Training's Fit@Home program is designed specifically for beginners who need to workout at home to:

  • Build strength, bone density, and hormonal balance
  • Help you tone up or lean out shed body fat without spending hours on a treadmill
  • Relieve joint pain and discomfort
  • Bring back the energy and stamina you had when you were younger
  • Eat better without going on a restrictive diet

Fit@Home is a 12-month program, with the intensity of each month building upon the month before, so the workouts become more challenging over time to continue challenging you as you get in better shape.

However, if you decide that you're ready for a different VIGOR Training program at some point, you can just send a message to your coach and he will move you into your new training program. Many transition from Fit@Home to Resilient or Vigorous.


Hands down best training, your search is over, stop and commit here. Here you will find workouts that give you strength, mental clarity, metabolic efficiency, are balanced for performance in your daily life. An added bonus, Tom shares wisdom behind just workouts sharing ways to master nutrition and lifestyle. Join here. You won’t be disappointed.

-Kelli Haugen

Never wonder what you should do for your workouts.

The programs change throughout the year to make sure you keep getting stronger, fitter, and more mobile without ever getting bored. And, because you get access to 20+ other programs, if your needs, goals, or access to equipment changes, you can jump into a different training program without missing a day of training.

Lose fat and gain energy without eating a restrictive diet.

Your membership includes access to the VIGOR Training Fast Start course, a 9-week program developed by Tom Nikkola, which teaches you the "biggest-bang-for-your-buck" nutrition and lifestyle changes you can make to dramatically transform your mind and body, without upending your current lifestyle.

Train on your own, on your time, but never alone.

You might workout by yourself, but you should feel motivated knowing there are women all over the country doing the same workout that day as you are. You can leverage the VIGOR Training app's group messaging feature to lean on the other ladies for insights and support. And, you get unlimited direct messaging with your coach when you need some tough love or personalized attention.

Nutrition Plan

You’ll get customized nutrition targets, an optional 3-day example meal plan, supplement plan, and personalized lifestyle habits to keep you on track.

Value: $200 per month

Direct Messaging

Direct message access to your coach whenever you have a question about your workout, supplements, or what you should buy at the grocery store.

Value: $300 per month

Access to 20+ Programs

Access to 20+ workout programs, so that if Vigorous doesn't fit your lifestyle or needs, we can plug you into a program that's a better fit.

Value: $200 per month

Serious Supplement Savings

Access to almost 300 supplement brands at a members-only 20% discount through my practitioner dispensary.

Value: ~$40 per month

Members Chat Forum

Members chat where you can get guidance, insights and encouragement, and where you can upload videos of you doing the workouts, and you'll get feedback on your form so you make the most from each exercise.

Value: $100 per month

VIGOR Training Fast Start Course

9-week nutrition and lifestyle course that'll help you transform your body in 90 days, with an added high-protein recipe bundle included as well!

Value: $500

That's a value of $1340 to start, and $840 per month after that.


The good news is, it won't cost you $1340.


It won't even cost you $500 to start!


Your Fit@Home program and entire VIGOR Training membership is only $49 per month!


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